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Prioritize your peace of mind and contact Alarms Near London today to schedule your Pyronix Enforcer V11 alarm installation anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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Pyronic Enforcer Features 

Why settle for less when you can equip your home with the all-inclusive Pyronix Enforcer Kit? This is your opportunity to create a safe haven for your family. Reach out to the specialists at Alarms Near London and step up your home security game with a system that's been meticulously crafted for comprehensive protection.

Effortless Management via HomeControl2.0

Take command of your security with the HomeControl2.0 application. Wherever life takes you, the power to monitor and control your system is in the palm of your hand. Receive instant notifications and stay ahead with real-time status updates on your security apparatus.

Seamless Device Integration

The Pyronix Enforcer V11 simplifies connectivity with its user-centric design. Its one-button learning feature and Signal Strength Indicators (SSI) ensure optimal placement and connectivity, while the Integrated Transceiver for Device Control (ITDC) guarantees efficient power management.

Customizable Programming

Personalize your Pyronix alarm experience with flexible programming options. Choose your preferred setup method with the InSite desktop application or the system keypad for a tailored security experience.

Linked Smoke and Heat Detection

In the event of a fire, linked Smoke and Heat sensors ensure all alarms activate together, providing comprehensive alerts throughout your property.*

Cloud-Enabled Convenience

Connecting to the PyronixCloud is a breeze, circumventing complex on-site configurations. Access your system effortlessly and securely from anywhere.

Remote Programming with InSite UDL Software

Stay in control with the remote capabilities of InSite UDL software. Perform system checks and programming from afar, minimizing the need for physical maintenance calls.

Monitoring with HomeControlHUB

Surveillance is redefined with the HomeControlHUB app. Watch over your property with up to 16 camera feeds for unparalleled oversight. Existing camera systems are easily integrated, ensuring a cohesive monitoring solution.

Direct ARC Communication

Thanks to the Enforcer V11's compatibility with the SIA DC09 standard, direct communication with Alarm Receiving Centres is streamlined, removing the need for additional hardware and simplifying support and maintenance.

PSTN Sunset Proof

As communication technologies evolve, the Pyronix Enforcer V11 remains ahead of the curve. With its integrated Wi-Fi and alternative GPRS or LAN connectivity, you can rest assured that your system is immune to any PSTN-related concerns.

The Pyronix Enforcer V11 - The Top Selling Alternative Verisure Alarm System in the UK

Imagine a world where safety meets convenience – that's the promise of the Pyronix Wireless Alarm. With no wires and no fuss, it's security that fits perfectly into your lifestyle. Ready to upgrade? The professionals at Alarms Near London are on hand to guide you through the seamless installation process.

The Enforcer V11:

Transform your home into a bastion of security with the Pyronix Enforcer, the UK's premier alarm system. Recognised for its reliability and cutting-edge features, the Pyronix Enforcer is the ideal choice for homeowners who demand the best in protection. Don’t just take our word for it – visit Alarms Near London to consult with experts who can tailor the perfect security solution for you.

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